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Colombo Pond Products

Just as with every other pet, also for fish their living space must be kept clean. Fish produce the harmful ammonia. Bacteria in the pond filter convert ammonia via nitrite into the harmless nitrate. The beneficial bacteria in the pond filter need time to develop. This is why problems often occur during the start. Do a regular water test to ensure the water is clean and healthy for your fish.

Colombo Algadrex Green Water Controller makes green water in ponds clear in one hour.

In ponds, most problems are caused by Green Algae. Your fish can no longer been seen, plants receive insufficient light and oxygen levels and water quality is reduced.

Due to the relative small body of water in most ponds it’s difficult to achieve a biological equilibrium unless we help to keep the pond healthy. The correct water quality is of great importance, however the fish and decomposing organic waste such as rotting plants and leaves constantly pollutes the water. The diagram explains how the most important processes in the pond take place.  Colombo water treatment range is extensive to help you keep your water and Koi healthy.