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The Koi Doctor is an essential overview of all aspects of koi keeping. This guide is intended for hobbyists who care deeply about their ornamental fish. The innumerable tips in this book are indispensable for anyone who wants to keep their koi in the best conditions possible.

The Koi Doctor enlists and describes the most common problems in koi keeping and presents simple solutions if possible.

Maarten Lammens is one of the few European vets who have specialised in fish.  He combines over seventeen years of practical and theoretical knowledge with a sharp insight in koi behaviour. 


The Koi Doctor presents this knowledge in a clear and intelligible manner.
Maarten Lammens presents information on water quality and disease in koi, in a clear and concise format

A must have Book for anyone wishing to learn more about parasites and treatment of koi ponds.

Full of info with graphics and real photos of koi and koi pond treatments.