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The NT Labs Nitrite Test Kit provides a simple, easy to use testing kit for determining Nitrite (NO2) levels in both ponds and freshwater aquariums. The NT Labs Nitrite Test Kit comes complete with test tube and liquid reagents to provide accurate results for 40 tests.

Nitrite is produced by the beneficial bacteria in the pond and filters as they break down the harmful waste ammonia excreted by the fish. Nitrite can affect the health of fish but is now as toxic as ammonia.

As well as irritating the surfaces and gills of the fish the main factor leading to nitrite poisoning is the corruption of the structure of haemoglobin, the oxygen carrying agent of blood. Nitrite causes the addition of a methyl group to haemoglobin, forming methhaemoglobin which cannot carry oxygen, thus asphyxiating the fish. This disease, called meth-haemoglobinaemia can be recognised as the fishes blood turns from red to brown.

Check the nitrite concentration of your koi pond using a NT Labs Nitrite Test Kit. The nitrite level of the water should always be zero. (Unless just starting up)

The appearance of any colour in this test indicates a warning that the filter system is not working perfectly.