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Oase Bitron Eco 120 W UVC


Oase Bitron Eco 120w UVC - 56769

The Oase Bitron Eco 120 W UVC for maximum effectiveness thanks to a perfect combination of flow rate and radiation intensity. This UVC clarifier saves illuminant costs due to a 50% longer service life (12,000 hours) and lowers energy costs by up to 50% for the same cleaning performance, because the radiation times are regulated fully automatically. Concentrated UVC power clarifies ponds up to 120 m³.

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  • High intensity UV treatment of suspended algae, turbidity and harmful bacteria
  • Now with unique UVC bulb with 50% longer service life (12,000 h)
  • New design high volume UVC housing for a longer UV exposure
  • Eco control system for maximum energy efficiency with up to 50% savings
  • More protection for the climate. Eco mode saves up to 525kg CO²/year
  • Intelligent bypass regulation automatically adapts the flow rate to the pump
  • Continuous irradiation or device switch off are possible at the touch of a button
  • Clever UVC function monitor, display for bulb change and water temperature
  • Patented automated cleaning system improves UVC radiation output
  • Simple connection to a range of Oase filter systems
  • 100%, VDE-certified safety; does not cause eye injuries
  • Oase Clear Water Guarantee when used in conjunction with Oase filters

The Oase Bitron Eco 120 W UVC has been designed for the most demanding ponds. The Oase Bitron Eco is available in 3 models; 120w, 180w and 240w to tackle a wide range of pond sizes. The newly designed high volume Bitron Eco UV Clarifiers produce powerful concentrated UV output for the treatment of suspended green water algae, turbidity and harmful bacteria whilst also providing maximum energy efficiency thanks to their intelligent automatic control unit. The control unit not only shows the actual status of the UV lamp but also the water temperature and allows the UV output to be altered at the touch of a button depending on your requirements.

The Bitron Eco UVC's are packed full of features including an automatic cleaning rotor which is continuously guided around the quartz tube by the water flow which prevents debris from settling providing maximum output at all times. The quick release closure technology now allows direct access to the UV lamps without dismounting the quartz, meaning replacement of the UVC bulbs takes just a few minutes. The Oase Bitron Eco range also features automatic bypass regulation. The integrated bypass membrane regulates water distribution automatically based on the water flow and adapts itself to changing conditions, such as the Oase Seasonal Flow Control system.

The Bitron Eco 120 UVC can be used in conjunction with Oase Flow Through Filters and will easily connect to the Oase BioTec 30, Oase BioTec ScreenMatic 90,000, Oase BioTec ScreenMatic 140,000 and the Oase ProfiClear range of professional filters.