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Shinsuke Healthy Up 150 gsm


Shinsuke Healthy Up is what we call a function koi food made from fermented shell crabs, blended with chitosan, chitin, chitosan oligosaccharide and natural carotenoid.

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Shinsuke Healthy Up is what we call a function koi food made from fermented shell crabs, blended with chitosan, chitin, chitosan oligosaccharide and natural carotenoid.

We call foods that have antibacterial, immuno-reactivity and other properties “Function koi foods”.

Shinsuke Healthy Up is blended to contain many kinds of vitamins to keep your koi healthy. There are many effects of Shinsuke Healthy Up, one of which is the improvement in blood circulation. With koi having such a significant volume of small capillary vessels, their blood needs to be smooth to send minerals throughout the body.

The benefit of this is that cells can then efficiently excrete waste and endotoxins, resulting in a healthy metabolism and overall better conditioning. This also helps prevent the koi from being susceptible to disease.

For example, the cause of yellow tinted skin is endotoxins, so improving their removal reduces the unwanted tint. Shinsuke Healthy Up works on the koi’s mucous cells, pigment cells, as well as the internal organs; this means the skin become clear and blight, resulting in a healthy complexion.

The skin definitely becomes cleaner, the gloss is also better.

World class koi breeders experience.

In June 2014, Sakai koi farm started to use our products for koi feeding on colour food. Before, their Sanke had yellow skin, but this became clear white and bright after using Shinsuke Healthy Up and Shinsuke Mineral Plus.

Shinsuke Healthy Up made the koi’s blood flow smoothly so that it could send enough minerals (provided by Mineral Plus) to all cells. At the same time, the koi were able to excrete unwanted matter more efficiently. Mr. Kentaro Sakai said that it was the first time his koi had such clear skin when feeding colour food in high temperatures.

As previously mentioned, the cause of the yellow tint is body waste (endotoxins). The use of Shinsuke Healthy Up and Shinsuke Mineral Plus add oxygen to each cell causes them to revitalize and excrete yellow body wastes.

However, koi do not have big blood vessels, mainly small capillary vessels. As such, smooth blood is very important for koi to help mucous and pigment cells function efficiently. One final consideration is about bright and excellent skin, which we are all interested in for koi.

To begin, it is important to acknowledge that there is a difference between good and bad mucus. If the water quality is bad or lacking of minerals, then the koi will exhaust their energy reserves and the mucus layer will decrease, resulting in mucus unevenness.

In addition, the remaining mucus would be poor in quality, watery and not bright. Also important, is that without the mucus barrier, the koi becomes more prone to infection from virus. Healthy mucus layer produces lectin which hardens virus, and lysozyme which dissolve virus.

Shinsuke Healthy Up Benefits to Koi

  • To combine minerals (- ion) with each other. Improves capacity for koi to take minerals into the body.
  • Replacement of safety antibiotic (it makes pH stable and advance growth; same effect as antibiotic).
  • To adjust the function of the intestines (reduce harmful bacteria and increase useful bacteria).
  • Higher resistance to virus, an anti-inflammatory action and reduction of stress.
  • Strengthen the immune system and protecting mucosa, resulting in Whitening effect (*Healthy Up make mucous cell revitalize, resulting in excellent and bright skin).
  • Vitamin A prevents virus from coming into the body.
  • Stops increase of bacteria and virus (bacteria removal, antimicrobial).
  • Colours are up
  • Ageing prevention with hard anti-oxidant action.
  • Spawn eggs increasing.
  • Higher percentage of hatch.
  • It has been confirmed that function of koi’s brain, liver, muscle and egg cell are better.

Effect mechanism using Shinsuke Healthy Up.

When microbes infect live animals, the protein called lectin on the surface of the microbe combines with carbohydrate on the surface of the host cell.

Therefore preventing this is a good way of stopping the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Chitin and chitosan also have a strong bonding power with the protein that is on the surface of intestinal epithelial cells, which means their presence can reduce the potential for pathogenic bacterial growth.

Effective microorganism such as lactic acid bacteria and lactobacillus bifidus grow up with chitin, chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharide. And chitin, chitosa and chitosan or oligosaccharide make effective microorganism from intestinal microorganism.

Shinsuke Healthy Up Direction

  1. Feed koi food alongside Shinsuke Healthly Up.
  2. Moisten koi food and dust with Shinsuke Healthly Up.
  3. Mix water and honey, sprinkle this onto koi food, followed by Shinsuke Healthly Up.

Mix this all together and then feed.

Food Type Supplement

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