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  • Eliminates Suspended green water algae
  • Reduction of harmful bacteria and pathogens
  • Automatic and permanent cleaning function ensuring high efficiency
  • Bypass technology enables optimum UV exposure
  • Especially energy-efficient thanks to electronic ballast
  • Integrated magnets protect UVC from lime scale deposits
  • Inspection window for easy function monitoring
  • Quick-release technology for easy bulb replacement, no tools required
  • High-quality workmanship in impact-resistant plastic
  • Perfect compatibility with Oase BioTec and Oase BioSmart filter ranges
  • Clear water guarantee when used in conjunction with Oase filters

Oase provides innovative UVC technology in the form of the oase Bitron 24C UV Clarifier; designed to consistently ensure clear and healthy water for ponds up to 25,000 litres. Thanks to its twin high powered 24w lamp the Oase Bitron 24C UVC effectively eliminates green water algae and reduces the number of pathogens and bacteria in the pond Eco-system.

The Oase Bitron UVC units are equipped with a range of unique features including bypass technology. This makes it possible to set the optimal flow rate through the UV chamber via the integrated throttle handles, which allow individual adjustment of the water flow. An automatic cleaning system coupled with integrated magnets protects the system from dangerous lime deposits and ensures that the full output of UV light is effectively used. Oase Bitron C UV clarifier's are also equipped with a visual inspection window so that the function of the UVC bulb can be checked easily at any time.

The Oase Bitron 24C UVC is suitable for connection to the Oase Biosmart 18000/36000 and Oase Biotec 5.1/10.1 filters.