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  • Highly effective flow-through filter for ponds up to 140 m³
  • Significant improvements relative to the previous model
  • Continuous belt filter at an affordable price
  • Long service life thanks to automatic coarse debris extraction via belt filter
  • Significantly less maintenance is required, thanks to coarse debris extraction
  • Automatic self cleaning of the ScreenMatic sieve
  • Sludge drain with slide valve for removing debris from the filter system
  • Easily clean filter sponges directly in the filter, without removal
  • Possible direct connection for Bitron C and Eco UVC clarifiers
  • Different filter materials for optimal filter biology

The clever product improvements are relative to the predecessor model:

  • Double-sealed motor for an extended service life
  • Adjustable automatic cleaning, depending on the degree of pollution
  • New Control display includes LED function check
  • Optimal flow distribution with clogging thanks to flow spreader
  • Sludge basket with greater volume and simplified handling
  • Rubberised separating lip for outstanding separation result
  • Reinforced strap material for an extended service life
  • Free brush for occasional cleaning of the belt filter
  • Manual belt run now possible via button
  • New foam distribution with coarse, medium and fine grades


The Oase BioTec ScreenMatic² 140000 is a compact, low maintenance flow-through pond filter providing mechanical and biological filtration, creating crystal clear water quality in ornamental, Goldfish and Koi ponds alike. The Oase Biotec Screenmatic² is a follow on from one of the most advanced and well sold filters in the Oase Biotec family. The Oase ScreenMatic² filter is a combination of all the well known features of its predecessor as well as enhanced benefits that have been introduced to make this filter more efficient and even easier to operate then ever before.

Water enters the Oase BioTec filter via a flow spreader which optimally distributes the water onto a 300 micron fabric belt designed to screen out any large debris. Once the screen becomes sufficiently soiled the intelligent sensor engages the automated cleaning cycle which transfers the accumulated waste into the sludge collection basket for periodic emptying. The Oase ScreenMatic's new control display also allows on the spot cleaning cycles at the press of a button. The automatic cleaning cycles can be adjusted to increase or decrease cleaning intervals dependent on the level of debris detected on the belt. Oase have included a handy cleaning brush to help keep the fabric screen free of entrapped dirt.

Once the pre-filtered water has passed through the ScreenMatic sieve it drops into the foam filter stage. The large surface area filter sponges vary in grade and provide both mechanical and biological filtration, removing any remaining debris from the water. You can easily clean the filter foams directly in the filter, without removal thanks to the compression handle. Simply use the handle to push down and compress the foams to release any build up of organic waste which can then be drained from the filter via the sludge drain. Lastly the water passes through zeolite media cartridges which absorb any remaining unwanted ammonia before the water returns back to the pond.