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With these considered, Mountain Tree Lotus Root Bacteria House II offers high-quality biological filter media for ponds in bulk that have the following features:

Special Structure

Our pond filters have a lotus structure with spacious interior chambers and numerous tiny pores to maximize the bacterial development of our filter system.

Rough Surface

The coarse surface of our pond filter media improves the nitrifying bacteria attachment and growth, quickly establishing an efficient nitrification system.

High Filter Efficiency

The certified maximum efficiency of our ceramic pond filter media includes a water absorption rate of 80% certifies maximum media filter efficiency and the capacity to filter at least 4,300 square meters/liter of water.

Rich Mineral Elements and Far Infrared Ray Emits

The housing is rich in various minerals to control the pH balance efficiently. The minerals also improve fishes’ bone growth, appetites, and blood condition.

Mountain Tree Lotus Root Bacteria House II contains various minerals for fish, coral, and plants, including K, Mg, Fe, Zn, Na, Ca, which improves the growth rates of fish bones while enhancing fish appetites and optimally balancing their blood conditions. Mountain Tree Spiral Bacteria House is far-infrared super ceramics added, expensive gems, silicon ore, germanium, and tourmaline. Contain various minerals that are vital for the fish digestive system, colon, bones, blood…What’s more, the minerals dissolve out over time and let fish thrive.

Outstanding Features of Mountain Tree's Ceramic Filter Media for Ponds

Mountain Tree’s ceramic filter media for ponds uses biochemistry filtration by housing an ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that breaks down fish wastes and dead plant debris. The biochemistry filtration prevents the formation of ammonia and nitrite that are toxic to fishes. The porous structure allows for a better water absorption rate of 80% to prevent clogs.

It is essential to consider which type of pond filter media will be used in the pond as it will determine how well good bacteria can perform their job. Good bacteria are helpful in removing nitrates and nitrites that will, later on, be converted to ammonia, which is harmful to fish and plants. Furthermore, it helps the filter system in increasing the surface available for good bacteria to colonize.

Mountain Tree Lotus Root Bacteria House II

Special lotus root and nanopores provide the ultimate environment for nitrobacteria to grow, thus enhance their performance in dealing with harmful nitrate and nitrite.


  • Ideal biochemical filtration media
  • Filter and mineralise water simultaneously
  • VAST surface area for bacteria cultivation
  • Well-designed formula for fishes growth and health

Super large surface area

3380㎡/L Specific surface area. Filtration media area increase by more than 3 times, reaching up to 3380㎡/L thanks to our patented lotus root plus spiral structure. By such innovation, the bacteria house provides more surface area for bacteria cultivation, thus enhance the filtration effect and efficiency.