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FujiMAC 40 RII Air Pump


FujiMAC's 30-year track record of producing the world’s best diaphragm air pump has been achieved through stringent quality control.  

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Compact – high quality Japanese internal components, including a small powerful rare earth magnet means FujiMAC is smaller than competing pumps

Oil less – a floating rare earth magnet and two proprietary synthetic diaphragms are the only moving parts, which means no pistons, bearings or other wear items.

Built in safety switch – FujiMAC air pumps all feature a reliable electrical circuit breaker. The resettable switch will interrupt pump power in the event of a diaphragm failure to prevent internal damage.  This allows a simple and quick rebuilt rather than pump replacement.

Easy maintenance – FujiMAC pumps can be rebuilt in approximately 15 minutes using two common hand tools.

Stable air flow – FujiMAC performance does not degrade over time, ensuring reliable wastewater treatment. These pumps are also not subject to uneven air pulses, but instead deliver smooth even airflow.

Convenient sizes – FujiMAC pumps come in two physical sizes, and the six pumps in the model range share many internal parts, which makes stocking spares an easy task. The FujiMAC model designation indicates the pumps air production in litres per minute.

FujiMAC air pumps are built to last, with a two-year manufacturers replacement warranty to back it up.


FujiMAC's 30-year track record of producing the world’s best diaphragm air pump has been achieved through stringent quality control.  

FujiMAC is the only wastewater diaphragm air pump available that is MADE IN JAPAN. 100 per cent of design, production and testing is performed in Japan.

FujiMAC 40 RII Air Pump

  • Volume - 40 L/min
  • Power Consumption - 27 W
  • Diameter Outlet - 13 mm (External 18 mm)
  • Normal Pressure - 12 kPa
  • Rate Voltage - 230-240 V
  • Weight - 5.0 Kg

The quietest and energy efficient diaphragm air pump is also the most rugged and longest lasting. And when it does need maintenance, 15 minutes with a few simple tools will have your pump ready for years more reliable service.

The new FujiMAC 40 RII series air pumps have undergone over five years of rigorous testing by FujiMAC research and development staff. These pumps are designed to withstand the elements with a durable cast aluminium housing employing the latest paint finishes. Final assembly is done in a highly controlled environment by skilled Japanese staff with continuous oversight and numerous quality control checks. Each individual pump is then tested, and performance measured prior to packaging.