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Filtreco Sieve 3


The Filtreco Sieve 3 is a pump fed mechanical filter that serve as the first step in the filtration process, filtering out coarse-waste particles. These coarse-particle filters remove leaves, fish waste and food residue from the pond water. This minimises the impact of coarse waste on the biological filter medium. The coarse waste is filtered out by a stainless-steel screen with openings that are 200 to 300 microns in size.

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The Filtreco Sieve 3 is a Pump Fed pre-filter to filter waste solids from a pump in the pond. This technique incorporates a sieve-bend. A sieve-bend consists of hundreds of sharp stainless steel profile wires with very small slot openings where the water can go through but the solids stay on the sieve bend.

In practice it works as follows: The water enters the Filtreco Sieve 3 via the pump and passes through the “auto-adjustable” dam and will go upwards and fall over the weir on to the Stainless Steel sieve-bend.

The water goes through the sieve bend and the waste solids will slowly go down to the waste area. At the waste outlet of the filter is a 2 inch male thread connection with end cap for attaching a 2 inch slide/Ball valve to easily wash away the waste with water. When the water in the tank underneath the sieve-bend is not pumped away fast enough the water will raise which makes the floating system (auto-adjustable dam) go up to reduce the incoming water flow.

You can use a pump like a Evolution Aqua Varipump 20000 or 30000.

An extra advantage of Filtreco Sieve 3 pre-filter is that the water will be provided with extra oxygen, when it goes through the slots. Plus the mechanical waste is removed from the water itself. Its important to make sure the High Tech Kinshi Sieves are on an equal, level, ground.

Between the pump and the Filtreco Sieve 3 we strongly advise you to use a non return flapper valve to stop the water flowing back to the pond when doing maintenance on the filter.

The inlet of the Filtreco Sieve 3 is a 2 inch male thread. Since the Filtreco Sieve 3 are made of Polypropylene you cannot make any glue connections. The Filtreco Sieve range have 1 inlet up to 3 inlets all 110 mm depending on which model and flow you require.

The Filtreco Sieve 3 has a floating system to prevent the water in the area under the sieve from rising above the level of the sieve for low speed pumps and also to prevent the water from going too low to be primed for high speed pumps.

To remove the waste that is on the surface of the Filtreco Sieve 3 is very easy by opening the waste outlet and to rinse the waste away with a normal hosepipe. Another method to have water run over the screen is pushing down the adjustable dam, which will flood the screen with water. When the adjustable dam is in a low position already because of the pump speed you can pull up the dam for a short while and push it back downwards again.

To remove the waste that has gone into the profile wires of the Filtreco Sieve 3 (only when necessary) you will need a hosepipe with a powerful spray nozzle or a high-pressure machine. For this way of cleaning you have to place the sieve in an upright position or take the sieve out of the unit. After a certain period of time the sieve can get “fat” and this will make it more difficult for the water to go through. You can clean the sieve with i.e. alcohol. Note: when you use the sieve for the very first time the surface of the sieve can also be covered with a very thin film. Make sure you clean the sieve very thorough with alcohol before using it.

Filtreco Sieve 3 Technical specifications

  • Flow: 20 m3/hour
  • Pump Fed
  • Order number: 100136
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 520 x 495 x 622 mm 
  • Sieve element: 300 microns, and the last 50 mm 200 microns
  • Sieve: 445 x 400 mm
  • Inlet: 1 x 2 inch Male Thread
  • Outlet: 1 x 110 mm Dia Spigot
  • Waste removal: 1 x external thread 1½”
  • Includes: 1 x 50 mm ball valve and cover
  • Colour/material:Sahara/Polypropylene
  • Weight: 20 kg

The perfect solution for pump capacities up to ±20m³/h. (20000 lph) The most ideal pre-filter! Create a compact filter system by combining the Filtreco Sieve 3 with a beadfilter or other pump fed filters.

Filter Type Pre Filter

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