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UltraBead Filter

UltraBead Filter

Ultrabead Bead filters are closed (pressure) vessels filled with millions of small plastic beads. These beads float and therefore provide a means of mechanical filtration and the enormous surface of these beads provides the biological filtration.

Ultrabead Bead Filter Mechanical filtration: the beads float in a closed vessel and are packed very close to each other. The pressure of the pump makes the water flow upward through the beads. The small dirt particles will stick in the bead pack. The longer the filter is active, the more bio film there will be around the beads and therefore smaller particles can be filtered.

Ultrabead Bead Filter Biological filtration: the specific surface of the beads is about 1600m2 per m3(6 times more than a blue Japanese Mat), so the bio film layer around the beads extremely useful for nitrifying bacteria that consume vast amounts of ammonia and nitrites.

Pre Filters

The in and output system of the Ultrabead Bead Filter has laterals (slotted pipe) to keep the beads inside the filter and therefore we need a pre-filter to prevent the possibility of large solids (string algae, pine needles, leaves and fish waste) coming in from a bottom drain or submersible pump. We strongly recommend the use of the Ultrasieve III filter in before the Ultrabead Bead Filter.

How The UltraBead Bead Filter Works

Water enters into the tank under pressure from the pump. This water, by means of the unique design of the Ultrabead Bead Filter, spins separating the heavier solids and forcing them to the centre of the tank. The solids are collecting in the centre of the Ultrabead Bead Filter, waiting to be hydraulically purged out under pressure from the pump. All you have to do is open the swirl separation valve with the pump running and the filter in it’s normal filtration mode and the heavier solids are evacuated in just a couple of seconds. What does all of this mean? The Ultrabead Bead Filter is the most unique, efficient filter of its kind. An efficient filter like the Ultrabead Bead Filter doesn’t hold solids, it gets rid of them!

Now that the water is in the Ultrabead Bead Filter it is forced slowly upward in the vessel through zillions of beads. On these beads are billions of nitrifying bacteria and these hungry bacteria are consuming vast amounts of ammonia, nitrites, etc. and performing what is known as nitrification. This is how we actually have clean, healthy water is due to the work these minute organisms are performing. Water continues to flow upward through the beads and exits out of the Ultrabead Bead Filter via the top spray bar. This water then continues into the multi port valve and depending on the setting on the multi port, the water continues then to the pond.

The Ultrabead Bead Filter have another unique feature: the UltraTrust Blower . This blower is mounted on a special air check valve. It is important that the valve be in the rinse position for the blower agitation of the beads. When the blower is active the beads and debris are dispersed throughout the interior of the filter. This breaks up the beads and releases the trapped particles. This debris then can easily be backwashed out to waste through the spray bar .

After the RINSE cycle with air we perform a backwash in which the water enters at C en leaves the filter through A. After the backwash there will be another RINSE cycle but with water instead of air. This takes any remaining debris and sends it to waste , instead of sending a cloud of dirt back to the pond.

All UltraBead Bead filters models are standard equipped with a 2” multi-port valve, a transparent access cap and a powerful blower.

UltraBead filters are constructed from high quality fibreglass conforming drink water standards so they are completely save for your fish.

The UltraBead Bead filters come with a warranty period of 5 years on the pipe and fitting system and a warranty period of 10 years on the fibreglass vessel and beads. Order your UltraBead filter today.

H x Ø
Pond Capacity (Gallons)Max fish LoadFood Per DayMedia (Beads)
UB4083 x 48 cmMax 200035 Kg350 Gsm50 Ltr
UB60100 x 61 cmMax 8000100 Kg1000 Gsm120 Ltr
UB100110 x 76 cmMax 12000135 Kg1350 Gsm170 Ltr
UB140120 x 92 cmMax 20000200 Kg2000 Gsm255 Ltr
UltraBead Filter UB60
£ 1225.00
UltraBead Filter UB100
£ 1650.00
UltraBead Filter UB140
£ 2200.00
Replacement Blower for EB and UB Filters
£ 245.00
Replacement Beads 25 kg
£ 95.00
UltraBead Filter Replacement Clear Lid
£ 95.00
Ultrabead Replacement Spider Seal for Multiport Valve
£ 29.95
Ultrabead Replacement Spanner for Lid
£ 19.95
Ultrabead Bead Filter Replacement O Ring for Lid
£ 7.95

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