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Pond Filter Matting

Pond Filter Matting

The Pond Filter Matting is an ideal solution for collection of large and small particles as they will trap particles down to 10 micron in size.

Pond Filter Matting is primarily used as the final filtration media in all pond filters before the water is returned to the pond, they add that extra layer to ensure your water is as clean and clear as possible and increase your biological filtration. The pond filter Matting is of course non toxic.

The Pond Filter Matting is available in 5 sizes:

Pond Filter Mating Small 17 inch x 11 inch
£ 4.95
Pond Filter Mating Medium 25 inch x 18 inch
£ 10.95
Pond Filter Mating Large 43 inch x 21 inch
£ 15.95
Pond Filter Mating Square 1 m x 1 m
£ 17.95
Pond Filter Matting Roll 50 m x 68 cm
£ 49.95
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